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How To Fix Web Page Not Available Error? [100% Working Tips]

In this modern age, everyone tries to get knowledge. They learn different skills, and languages. People use Google as a search engine together and evaluate information.

No doubt, they encountered an error Web Page Not Available. Most of the users don’t know how exactly to solve this little effect.

Today, we are here with various solutions to fix web pages errors. 

Why is My Web Page Not Available?

Before treating any issue, we need to understand the reason behind a problem. In this case, we discuss possible reasons for this issue.

  • You may enter the wrong web address.
  • Invalid cookies may create a hindrance to smooth connection.
  • Due to poor internet connection, the server is unable to send information.
  • The router is not functioning. You might need to reset the router to make it work.
  • The server is facing cyber attacks. 

This Web Page is Not Available ERR-Connection-TIMED-OUT

It is a Google browser error code. If you are a google user, no doubt you face this issue.

This error code may occur due to the following reasons:

  • Poor internet connection
  • The HTTP registration page has failed
  • Simple pages are unable to register their pages

How to Solve the ERR-CONNECTION-TIMED-OUT Error Issue?

Following are some of the fixes you can try to solve web page not available error:

Solution 01: Alter the LAN Settings on Your Windows PC

Visit your Proxy settings or contact your network administrator to clear the working of the proxy server. You can get rid of this error.

If you are not clear to use a proxy browser, you can follow the following steps:

  1. Go to the Google Chrome
  2. Select settings from the given instructions
  3. Open Advanced Setting 
  4. Choose Change Proxy Setting and deselect the Use of Proxy server. 
  5. Close the tap after completing.

Solution 02: Deleting the Line in Hosts File on Your PC

  1. Open Notepad or any other word processor
  2. Visit the file and open it
  3. A pop-up window will appear on your screen
  4. Open the following end in the box: My Computer>Local Diskc:>Windows>System32>driver>etc
  5. Select the file type
  6. Tick the All Files
  7. Now, select and open the host’s file
  8. If you see the Facebook URL, that is not opening. Delete this one from the list.
  9. Make sure to delete only relevant line
  10. Follow the instructions to save the host file 
  11. Close the tap
  12. Restart your PC to check the issue

Solution 03: Flush the DNS by CMD

  1. Press the Start from the taskbar
  2. Search the CMD (Command Prompt) to visit CMD
  3. Tap on it and wait for opening the instruction
  4. Running window appears on the screen
  5. Type the following command “iconfig/flushdns”
  6. Press Enter and open it
  7. Wait for a minute for the whole processing
  8. Close the tap after completion

Solution 04: Installation of the Required Certificate on Your Windows PC 

Follow these steps to complete this process: 

Step 01: Press the Start from the taskbar

Step 02: Or visit the internet explorer browser

Step 03: Press the Internet Options there

Step 04: Choose the Content tap

Step 05: Go to the Certificate Option 

Step 06: Select Intermediate Certificate Authorities

Step 07: Choose Import and install the certificate file or visit the WiFi Provider Company 

Step 08: Tick on the Apply button

Step 09: Click the Ok to save all the changes

Step 10: Close the tap and restart your PC 

Solution 05: Clear Internet Cookies and Caches from Your PC

When you visit a blog on the internet, your browser will automatically save the cookies to enhance the users’ experience.

Sometimes, these cookies and caches are responsible for web pages not available error. Follow the given steps: 

  1. Go to the browser
  2. The select setting from the top right corner
  3. Click on History
  4. Tap on the Clear Browsing Data
  5. Mark Cookies and Caches from the list
  6. If you want to delete more options, mark all 
  7. Click on the Clear Browsing Data and wait for a minute
  8. Now close the on-screen window

Solution 06: Disable or Turn OFF Your Windows Firewall Settings on Your PC

  1. Go to the Start menu from the left bottom corner
  2. Select the Control Panel 
  3. Choose Windows Firewall 
  4. Click Turn Window Firewall on and off feature
  5. Mark the Turn OFF Windows Firewall (not recommended)
  6. Press Ok button

How to Fix a Web Page Not Available?

Fix 1: Flush DNS

Flushing the old DNS will renew the DNS information. It will ultimately fix the concerned issue.

Following are the steps for DNS flush:

  1. Open Command Prompt
  2. Type following command: ipconfig/ flushdns
  3. Press enter to process 
  4. You see a message, “Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache,” then exit the tap.
  5. Now, restart your system.

Fix 02: Change DNS

  1. Launch ” Network and Sharing center.”
  2. Select your Wi-Fi & LAN connection and choose the option Properties
  3. Explore TCP/IPv4 properties and click Use of following server address
  4. In the preferred DNS server type and the alternate server, write
  5. Click Ok to save all the changes

Fix 03: Reset Transmission Control

To reset transmission control, we need to press the following commands and press Ok simultaneously.

  1. ipconfig/release
  2. ipconfig/all
  3. ipconfig/flushdns
  4. ipconfig/renew
  5. netsh int up set DNS
  6. netshwinsock reset

Fix 04: Clear all the Browsing Data

  1. Open the chrome
  2. Select three dots at the top right corner and choose history from there
  3. Click the option Clear browsing data
  4. Adjust the time range to All time to get rid of the complete history.
  5. Select the Clear data

Google Website Temporarily Unavailable Fix

Following are the main issue reported by users:

  • This site can not be reached.
  • Chrome page might be temporarily down
  • The website is unavailable now
  • ERR-failed 


  1. Disable Quic protocol
  2. Eliminate Problematic Extension
  3. Reinstall Chrome
  4. Check for antivirus
  5. Reset Winsock
  6. Update chrome
  7. Uninstall all the recent software

Why are Some Websites Not Opening in Chrome?

Some are the reasons for this question as well as web page not available: 

  1. Internet Connection
  2. Outdated browser
  3. Extension and Add-ons
  4. Third-party software 


  1. Update your chrome
  2. Get rid of Cache and Cookies
  3. Restart your phone
  4. Update Android system


Web Page not available is such a frequent error that everyone encounters it. Most users ignore it because they don’t consider it a big issue.

You can have this issue because of cookies, outdated browsers, or poor internet connection.

So, first, go for quick fixes like updating your system, restarting the router, and clearing the cache. If none of the solutions works for you, try the above-given methods.

We hope that you will soon resolve this issue. 

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