RBI: Good News! Now you can withdraw cash from ATM without any card, know here step by step complete process

RBI has announced the facility of cardless transactions through UPI at ATMs of all banks, after which people do not need to carry a debit card with them. At present, only select banks are providing it.

How to Withdrawal Cash without Debit

Card: Debit card is required to withdraw money from ATM but now it will not happen. Because the Reserve Bank of India has started a very special facility. Reserve Bank of India has announced that now you can withdraw cash from ATM machine even without debit card.

( Cardless Transaction ) i.e. even if you do not have a card, you will be able to withdraw cash without any problem. Reserve Bank Deputy Governor T. Rabi Shankar has given this information. At present, only select banks are providing the facility of cardless transactions, but in the coming times, all banks will provide this facility to their customers.

What is cardless facility: Let us tell you that now after the announcement of RBI, you can withdraw cash even without a debit card. That is, if you have forgotten your debit card at home and you need cash, then you can withdraw cash by going to the ATM machine without any hassle. For this, the user has to connect his smartphone with the registered mobile number and UPI ID

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