Police SHO suspended for forcing a woman for body massage for getting her son out of jail

A video from Saharsa has gone viral, in which a woman is seen massaging a police officer. The woman is seen massaging the police officer on duty to free her son from jail.

Bihar Police is always in the headlines for its exploits. While many acts of the police are good, there are also many such cases, due to which it becomes difficult for the police department to answer. One such case has come up in Saharsa. After a video of Bihar Police surfaced on social media, people are questioning Nitish Kumar’s government regarding the security arrangements for women.

In this video going viral these days, a inspector in Bihar was seen giving a massage to the woman in the police station itself. He had also taken off his clothes. When this video of him getting a massage came to the fore, there was panic. SP Lipi Singh has suspended him after the video went viral. So at the same time, due to this act, the image of Bihar Police has suffered.

In the video of a woman being forced to give a massage to a police officer on duty to free her son from jail in Darhar police station area of ​​Nowhatta block, the cop can also be heard talking to a lawyer. Darhar OP’s station in-charge Shashibhushan Singh has taken the wrong advantage of the woman’s helplessness and got a bare body massage.

From the conversation of the SHO, it seems that the woman is in some trouble and the SHO is taking this service from her in lieu of getting her work done. After the video went viral, the district’s SP Lipi Singh has suspended SHO Shashibhushan Singh and also ordered to show the line. In the viral video, a yellow sari-clad woman is doing a massage while another woman, wearing an ocher-coloured sari, is sitting in front of him.

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