Petrol Price World Wide – Check List

A look at the petrol prices around the world.

On Tuesday, petroleum minister Hardeep Singh Puri told Lok Sabha that petrol prices in India have gone up by “merely 5%” as against more than 50% in countries such as the UK, Germany and France.

The centre has repeatedly linked the surge in diesel and petrol prices to the Ukraine war

Petrol/Gasoline Prices World Wide

Country NamePrice in Rupees
Hong KongRs/- 217.047
GermanyRs/- 164.997
UKRs/- 161.465
New ZealandRs/- 148.543
CanadaRs/- 114.981
IndiaRs/- 112.163
ChinaRs/- 111.219
AustraliaRs/- 110.081
USARs/- 91.260
PakistanRs/- 60.99

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