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How to Start and Stop Call Forwarding on Airtel, BSNL, Jio and Vi

Call forwarding is perhaps one of the most widely used features on phones. Once activated on a contact number, the feature will forward or divert the calls coming to that number to another previously assigned number, under various circumstances. The call can be made to redirect to the other number when the number is busy, not reachable, or there is no answer. You may choose to activate the facility for each circumstance, as preferred. Call forwarding, a.k.a. call diversion feature, is primarily handset dependent and is based on handset compatibility. If the users have the feature encompassed, one may need to visit the settings of the phone and activate call forwarding to enable the service. Alternatively, the facility can be activated by dialling some activation codes. The user may also deactivate the service by switching it off within the phone settings or by dialling deactivate codes.

Call Forwarding Codes For Airtel

If the Airtel user wishes to forward calls when there is no answer, dial **61*<a contact number to forward calls>*, add how many seconds the user wants the phone to ring before forwarding it to another number and finally add #. The seconds should be added in the multiples of five seconds. Tap on the call button after entering the details in the said format and wait to see the activation confirmation message on the screen. To deactivate the service, the user has to dial ##61#.

If the user intends to forward the call when the number is not reachable, one has to dial **62*< a contact number to forward calls>* and click the dial button. The screen will show a message indicating activation. Dial ##62# and press the ‘call button’ to deactivate this provision.

There are cases when the user is on a call with another person, and another caller will get a ‘busy’ tone while calling. The user can choose to divert calls when you are on another call by dialling **67*<a contact number to forward calls>* and tap on the call button. To deactivate the service, call ##67#.

In case, if the user prefers to forward all incoming calls regardless of availability, type **21*<a contact number to forward calls>*. A message confirming activation will appear on the screen. To deactivate the service, dial ##21# from the phone.

Call Forwarding Codes for BSNL

If a BSNL user wants to activate call forwarding when the number cannot be answered, call **61*number# from the phone. The user may need to add the number of seconds the phone wants to ring before forwarding. The seconds need to be in multiples of five. To deactivate the feature, enter ##61#.

To forward calls while the user is speaking to someone else, call **67*number# from the phone. To deactivate, enter ##67# on the dial screen and press the call button.

To forward calls, if the phone is switched off or out of reach in a BSNL number, dial **62*number# from the phone. To deactivate, dial ##62#.

There is also a provision to forward all calls coming to a number. The user has to dial the code **21**number# from the number to activate this provision. To stop the facility, dial ##21#.

Remember to enter the international country code before the contact number, while entering a phone number. Now, to cancel all pre-set conditions and to make it default, dial ##002# from the phone.

Call forwarding codes for Jio

Jio users may use the following codes to activate call forwarding on their Jio number.

For unconditional call forwarding from the user’s Jio number, dial *401*<10-digit number to where the call has to be forwarded>. To deactivate the unconditional call forwarding, dial *402.

To forward calls from a Jio number while the user is unable to answer, use the code *403*<10-digit number>. To deactivate the facility from the number, dial *404.

To forward the calls while busy, the user can dial *405*<10-digit number> from the Jio phone. To deactivate this feature from the Jio number, dial *406 from the phone.

To forward calls while not reachable, dial *409*<10-digit number> from the phone. To deactivate this, dial *410 from the phone. To stop the facility for all calls, dial *413.

Call forwarding codes for Vodafone Idea (Vi)

For Vi users, the call forwarding for all calls can be activated through the code **21*<Mobile Number>. To stop the service for all calls, dial ##002# from the phone.

If the user wishes to forward calls to another number while the number is busy, he/she can dial **67*<Mobile Number>. To deactivate this feature, the user can dial ##67#.

The user can activate call forwarding while the calls are unanswered by dialling **61*<Mobile Number>. To deactivate this, dial ##61#.

Similarly, Vi subscribers can enable call forwarding for not reachable calls by dialling **62*<Mobile Number> from their phone. The user may also deactivate this by dialling ##62# from the phone.

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