Honour killing: New video shows wife begging for mercy as attacker hacked

New visuals show how an armed assailant attacked 25-year-old Nagaraju, the victim of a suspected honour killing, in the middle of a busy street in Hyderabad while his wife begged for mercy.

Nagaraju and his wife, Syed Ashrin Sultana (aka Pallavi), got married two months ago despite opposition from the latter’s family, as they belonged to different communities.

earlier this week. Now a video shot by bystanders has come to light and purportedly shows Nagaraju’s prone body on the side of a busy road, his scooty toppled next to him. A woman in a salwar suit, presumably his wife, tries to fight off the assailant, but he roughly pushes her away.

Despite falling down hard on the ground, she gets up and rushes at the attacker, who is again hacking away at Nagaraju. The woman and the assailant grapple, and she can be seen weeping and begging the man to spare them.

All the while, cars and bikes drive past the scene of the altercation. While a traffic logjam occurs as several motorists and pedestrians stop to stare, nobody comes to the couple’s aid. One passerby attempts to intervene but he too walks away after saying something.

Billapuram Nagaraju was a resident of Marredpally, Secunderabad. He worked as a salesman at a popular car showroom in the Old City. On Wednesday (May 4), he and his wife were travelling on their scooty when they were confronted by two people and attacked.

After stopping the couple, the duo pushed Nagaraju to the ground and beat him up indiscriminately with an iron rod and stabbed him with a knife. Police said the 25-year-old Dalit man died on the spot. The two attackers have since been arrested.

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