Here’s Help, for those who forget to carry their driving license and are pulled over by traffic police. Know The Amazing Update Here

While driving, if you are pulled over by the traffic police, the first thing they would do is check the documents of your vehicle and your driving license, even if you haven’t committed an offense. However, if you are not carrying any of the necessary documents – registration certificate, PUC certificate, driving license, or valid motor insurance – you’ll be issued a challan. The fine may range between Rs 2,000 and Rs 5,000 for merely forgetting to carry the documents. However, there’s a way out.

Digi Locker app keeps all your documents safe. You can simply show up with your smartphone during checking and you will be saved from the traffic fine. Digi Locker app allows you to store your documents online. While you can keep the hard copies of your documents safely at home, the soft copies can be stored in the above-said apps, which is much more convenient.

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