Good news for employees! With DA, you will get TA of Rs 15,750, know the complete calculation Details

Desk: Central employees have received the gift of dearness allowance. But, only Dearness Allowance (DA) is not given in their salary. Other allowances are also included in the salary portion itself. One of these is traveling allowance.

Government employees are now given allowance for their travel. It is part of the salary and is subject to constant revision.

How is TA calculated?

On the basis of Pay Matrix Level, Traveling Allowance is divided into 3 categories. Cities and towns are divided into two categories. This classification has been done on the basis of population of cities. The first category – high transport allowance belongs to the city and other cities are kept in the category of others. The calculation formula is Total Transport Allowance = TA + [(TA x DA%)\/100]. Talking about Level 1 and 2, for this category Rs 1,350 plus dearness allowance is available for class I cities, while for other cities Rs 900 plus DA is available.

Who gets how much traveling allowance?

Traveling allowance may increase if dearness allowance is 34 percent. However, till now the government has not taken any final decision on this. TPTA is Rs 1350 for Level 1-2 in TPTA cities, Rs 3600 for Level 3-8 employees and Rs 7200 for Level 9 above. The rate of transport allowance for any one category of employees is the same. Just the DA they get gets added to it. Level 9 and above employees get transport allowance and DA of Rs 7,200 for cities with higher transport allowance. For other cities this allowance is Rs 3,600 plus DA. Similarly, Level 3 to 8 employees get 3,600 plus DA and 1,800 plus DA.

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