Employees: Important News! employees, pay revision related orders issued, complete the work by April 30

At the same time, the employees have been instructed to submit the documents to the office by April 30. Failure to do so may result in variation in salary.

As per the order issued, the option to switch to 6th CPCs (6th CPCs) has been amended to provide entry pay to it. At the same time, in this case, the DEO has been advised to submit the proposal to the affected AAO.

In fact, the option to switch to 6th CPC after providing entry pay to AAOs has been amended. DoE has advised the submission of proposals of affected AAOs who have made representations.

It is requested that the affected AAOs who had submitted their option within one month of the issue of O.M. dated 28/09/2018 said in the order. They can submit their application with proper details to ascertain the financial implications and officials who wish to apply afresh

They can also present their representation. Email it to section anpaycdaguwahati.dad[at]hub.nic.in with details due by 15th April 2022 and further submission to the HORS office before 30th April 2022.

Earlier, according to the order issued on March 31, it was said that the matter regarding amendment in the option to switch to the 6th Central Pay Commission after providing the entry pay is under consideration of the Department of Expenditure 18150/+ to the AAO of the department. The Department of Expenditure has advised those affected AAOs to submit the proposal

Those who have submitted their representation with financial implications within one month from the date of issue of change in rules (OM dated 28.09.2018) for their consideration. Wherein the order is requested to be forwarded. Intimation to this Headquarters at the earliest, positively by 30th April 2022. Please also submit zero reports.

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