Did you know Salman Khan’s bodyguard’s annual salary is more than most of the CEO’s in our country?

The success of a Bollywood star can either be calculated by Box-office numbers or by their social media reach. With the increase in the fan following, their paycheques get heavier, but with that, their chances of getting mobbed at public places also shoot up. That’s when their bodyguards step in and ensure their safety and security. But, it is a costly affair, as having people for protection round the clock doesn’t come cheap. The Bollywood celebrities pay a huge amount of money for their security.

Among the highest-paid bodyguards is Shera, who is like Salman Khan’s shadow. Sometimes the bodyguards know the star even better than fans and family, and Shera is no less.

The bodyguard who himself is not less than a celebrity, has been with Salman Khan for close to 28 years. Shera was once Mr Mumbai junior title holder and one of the finalists of 1988 Mr Maharashtra junior competition. Interestingly the handsome hunk Shera has an exclusive and interesting list of clientele. Reportedly before becoming Salman Khan’s personal full-time bodyguard, he had been part of the security for several international celebrities.

These include Michael Jackson, Will Smith, Paris Hilton and Jackie Chan. Having such a huge clientele, what is more surprising to know is Shera’s take home salary.Well leaving behind many corporate professionals and even businessmen, Bhaijaan’s bodyguard roughly takes around 15 Lakhs a month which is nearly 2 crores annually.

Earlier In an interview in 2021, Shera had reportedly opened up on his first meeting with Salman Khan when he was handling security for Whigfield’s show. He met Salman again when Keanu Reeves, the Hollywood hero, had come to India. He did his first stint with Salman in Chandigarh and has been working with him ever since. For more news and updates, stay tuned to ETimes.

Source: The Times of India

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