Destiny of Yarmush – Social Media Tests

Destiny of Yarmush was started in 2010 by group of intellectuals in USA. Today this group has around 1 Lakh Plus Members, The group members are from worldwide.

They choose some specific students through social media and conduct some tests based on images and some questions. Around thousands of students are selected in this test.

This is organization which works but as per the members they are safe and selected candidates who pass all the tests will be given same IQ level friends. But in last exam the qualified students have to find their Same IQ level partner by given hints.


1. Why most students fails in this exam?

Ans: Because they share all the things with friends and relatives. till last exam you have to take this exam like secret then the chances of passing exam are good’

2. What type of exam is this?

Ans: Basically this is not any exam, this is 7-8 stage exam in which candidate is given some images and puzzles on social media accounts to solve by the help of their answers their IQ Level is generated.

3. Is this Safe?

Ans, Yes this is totally safe for this you didn’t have to pay any fee or you will never be asked to meet anyone.

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