Brides marry wrong grooms due to power cut

In a first of its kind case, two sisters ended up marrying the wrong grooms due to a power failure during their wedding ceremonies. The incident took place on May 5 in the Aslana area of Ujjain district in Madhya Pradesh. The area encounters frequent power cuts between 7 pm and midnight every day.

According to reports, the marriage ceremonies of the three daughters of Ramesh Lal Relot of Aslana took place on May 5. Komal was supposed to get married to Rahul, Nikita to Bhola, and Karishma to Ganesh.

Grooms Bhola and Ganesh reached around 11 pm with their baraats for Nikita and Karishma respectively. But as soon as the wedding rituals began, there was a power cut. In the melee, Nikita accidentally sat with Ganesh and Karishma with Bhola as the priest started chanting the wedding prayers. The brides and the grooms completed the seven circumambulations (saat phere) around the sacred fire.

Since the brides were in veils and the dress of both were the same, no one came to know about the mix-up during the time of the wedding rituals.

The wedding pandit also got the grooms to do rounds with the ‘changed’ brides. The mix-up was realised when the grooms took their brides home. Following a brief dispute, a settlement was reached.

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