Biggest Update! Driving License New Rules 2022 – Commercial & Personal. Apply Online

There is good news if you ride a two or four-wheeler and need a license to do so. You no longer need to go to the Regional Transportation Office, also known as the RTO, or wait in long lines to obtain a driver’s license. This work is now simple. The central government has changed the requirements for obtaining a driver’s license. The driving test is no longer required under the Driving License New Rules 2022. The Union Ministry of Roads and Motorways has modified the rules for obtaining a driver’s license. Furthermore, these rules are now in effect. In such cases, the new rule will exempt individuals from the RTO driver’s license waiting list. So, tell us how driving licenses are now issued under the Driving License New Rules 2022.

The Driving License New Rules 2022 goes into effect on July 1, allowing only private driving centers to be operated, either by the state transport authority or the central government. These training centers are valid for a period of five years. Then you must renew with the government. The government’s action may result in a separate industry for the private training schools.

According to Department of Roads and Transport regulations, anyone who has passed the exam at a state-accredited driving training center is exempt from taking the driving test at the RTO when applying for a driver’s license. This means you won’t have to take the RTO driving test. The private driver training center certificate is the only basis for your driver’s license.

Every five years, the institute must renew its accreditation. To strengthen the training process, the driving institute obtains affiliation or accreditation after the state transport authority checks the following points.

Driving License New Rules 2022 Different Types of Driving Licenses

You can obtain a driver’s license based on the type of vehicle you intend to drive. According to the new driving license rules, there are two types, as shown in the table.

  • Personal and perpetual driver’s license

License ClassType of VehicleMC 50CCMotorcycles with 50 cc or less engine capacityMC EX50CCLMVs with gear and capacity of 50CC or more. E.g., Car, motorcycle.MCWOG/FVGMotorcycles with any engine capacity, however, without any gears. E.g., mopeds & scooters.M/CYCL. WGAll motorcycles with and without gearLMV-NTLight motor vehicles (LMVs) for non-transport purposes

  • Commercial Driving license

These are the two most common kinds. Aside from these, there is an international driving license that can be used to drive a vehicle in other countries.

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