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Regarding the pension of pensioners, the Department of Pension and Pensioners Welfare has once again issued a notification that it has been reviewed by the Welfare Department.

In which the process of revision of pension of deceased pensioners is complicated on the basis of the recommendations of the Pay Commission. Also, the arrears of pension in respect of the pensioner are not paid to the nominee by the pension disbursing bank

On which DoPPW has issued a notification. According to the notification issued on 6th April, it has been clarified that the revised pension payment authority is required to be done in respect of all pensioners family pension and it was clarified by the Pensioners Welfare Department that such pensioners who are alive till 1-1-2016.

Revised Pension Payment Authorities will be applicable for them. Along with this, such pensioners who have died after January 1, 2016. They will have to pay lifelong arrears to the families of their family pensioners.

Under Rule 48 for applying for voluntary retirement by a Government servant, a Government servant may apply for voluntary retirement after completing 30 years of qualifying service.

Under Rule 48-A, he can apply for voluntary retirement after completing 20 years of qualifying service. Under FR 56(k) he can apply for voluntary retirement to attain 50 years (for grades A and B) and 55 years (in other cases).

The payment of arrears in respect of the deceased pensioner will be as per the rules. In which case a valid nomination exists with the Pension Disbursing Authority/Bank. In this regard, attention has been invited to Para 21.5.1 of the New Plan Handbook, (5th Edition, July 2021), which reads as follows:

  • The date of death of the CPPC pensioner will be recorded in the share of the disburser of the PPO.
  • The information shall be maintained on their database with an appropriate audit trail and in a register maintained in their software as Annexure-IX
  • The date of death of the pensioner will be entered by PAHB in the pensioner’s half share.
  • If the family pension is authorized through the same PPO, then half of the pensioner’s PPO will be returned to the nominee
  • The same if it does not happen then it will be returned by the CPPC to the nominee.

If there is no valid nomination

  • In the absence of any nomination made by the pensioner, the arrears of his pension shall be paid by the Government of India, PPG and Ministry of Pensions, Department of Pensions and Pensioners Welfare, New Delhi O.M. No. 1/22/2012-P&PW(E) dated As per the procedure laid down in 10.07.2013.
  • Further, as per notification of Department of Pension and Pensioners Welfare dated 31.03.2022, the pensioner can subsequently modify the nomination (if the nominee is pre-death of the pensioner) by submitting Form “A” in triplicate.
  • The Pension Disbursing Authority shall be required to return the duly attested duplicate copy of the nomination to the pensioner within thirty days of the receipt of the nomination.

Government servants appointed on or before who has been appointed to a pensionable establishment and retired from Government service with qualifying service of 10 years or more, are eligible for pension under (Rule 2, 49).

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