8-Year-old Pakistani Boy Takes Toyota Fortuner Out for a Spin and Internet Has Questions

Children outdo adults on various fronts. While you can expect all amazing and out-of-the-box antics from kids these days, an 8-year-old has left the internet stunned with his driving skills. In the viral video, the young boy is seen driving a Toyota Fortuner on the roads of Pakistan. The clip opens to show the kid, identified as Ayan, with his 10-year-old sister standing in front of a Toyota Fortuner.

Flaunting his driving skill, Ayan can then be seen opening the SUV’s door and sitting in the driver’s seat. Further, he drives the car on a road with a few vehicles passing by. While you must be wondering how was the little kid able to see the road as well as manage breaks – he sat on the edge of the seat due to his small height, to get his feet to the accelerate and brake pedals while navigating his way through the roads. He wasn’t wearing any seat belt as well. At no point in the clip did the kid appears to be uncertain, instead, he seems confident and comfortable in handling the car.

The video was shared by a YouTube channel, named Ayan and Areeba Show, on April 1. ”Today we will show you how an 8-year-old child can drive Toyota Fortuner. Anyone who saw Ayan driving was shocked, The video went viral. If you like this video, please like, share and subscribe to our channel,” read the description of the clip.

According to the video, Ayan has been driving since he was six years old. The video has gone viral on social media platforms, with several people criticising the act. Netizens also slammed the kid’s parents for putting his and others’ lives in danger.

Similar to driving rules in India, an individual must be at least 18 years old to get a driver’s license in Pakistan. However, in clear violation of the rules, Ayan was seen driving the Toyota with his sister.

(News Source: News18)

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