7th Pay Commission: Big news! This month huge salary will come into the account of central employees. Know the latest update here

7th Pay Commission: The decision was taken by the Central Government of India to increase the DA of central employees and pension holders (DA Hike) in the last few days. Now this money is going to come into their account. It is expected that in the coming three to four days this money will come into the account of 45 lakh employees. The salary of central employees comes by the last date of every month.

The decision to give three months’ arrears

Now, let us make you know that in the last month, the dearness allowance (DA) and dearness relief (DR) of the employees have been increased by 3 percent by the government. As such, it has increased from 31 percent to 34 percent. It has been decided by the Finance Ministry of India to implement the DA hike from January 1 and give arrears of three months. In such a situation, the salary for April is expected to come on May 1.

45 lakh employees will get the benefit

April salary will come with increased DA and three months’ arrears (January, February, and March). In this, 45 lakh central employees and 65 lakh pensioners are going to get the benefits by next month.

What is the math of increased DA?

Due to dearness allowance being 34 percent, employees with 18 thousand basic salary will get DA of Rs 6,120. At present, they used to get Rs 5,580 at the rate of 31%. That is every month the salary increases by Rs 540. With the salary of April, the arrears of DA of 3 months will come. In such a situation, it is expected that the salary for the month of March will increase by Rs 2,160.

6,828 will increase

Whereas those whose basic salary is Rs 56,900, their DA will be Rs 19,346. Earlier it was Rs 17,639 as against 31 percent. That is every month the salary increases by Rs 1,707. In such a situation, this time Rs 6,828 more is expected to come as compared to March.

The shock of 18 months’ arrears

Before the DA hike, the central employees were also expected to get arrears between January 2020 and June 2021. But this DA arrear has already been denied by the government. After which the employees are very disappointed.

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